Traditional Thai Massage

Know About Our Traditional Thai Massage

For over 2500 years, Thai massage has been around. It first originated in India, and it was considered an art of healing. 

A great thing about Thai massage is that it takes traditional Chinese medicines and Ayurvedic medicine. This form of body therapy is entirely different from the Western style of massage that we are more used to seeing.

With Thai massage, you are laid down fully clothed on a mat, and the practitioner uses different pulling, rocking, and stretching techniques to relieve the tension in your body. 

For instance, here, the masseuse applies a lot of oil to your body and then continues to knead your pressure points and muscles. 

Benefits of Our Thai Massage

A Thai massage can benefit the overall health of your body in a lot of ways, particularly the muscles of the body that it reaches. Most of these ways are also scientifically proven to be accurate. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits based on scientific research:

Helps With Headaches

If you experience tension headaches or have migraines, traditional Thai massage will most likely be able to help you with relieving them. 

Several small studies have been done on this, where patients suffering from chronic headaches had the intensity of their tension headaches or migraines reduced significantly.

If you are looking for relief from headaches in a more non-pharmaceutical way, then Thai massage is definitely worth the shot as the benefits can last as long as 15 weeks or more.

Helps With Back Pain

If you want to relieve yourself from back pain without relying on medicines, then Thai massage can comfortably help you do that. 

There was research conducted in Thailand on 120 people who had pain in their lower backs. While half of them were treated with conservative management techniques, the other half were treated with Thai massage. 

Both these groups received their treatment twice every week for four weeks straight. The results showed that both groups received quite significant amounts of pain relief. 

Some studies also discovered that Thai massage could help with back pains related to trigger points such as tight and painful muscle clusters in your upper back. 

Helps With Pain in the Joints

The traditional Thai massage will be able to improve the functionality of your joint movement if you are experiencing some stiffness or pain when you move. 

Some researchers carried out a program that combined wand exercises with Thai massage so that its effect on people who had knee arthritis could be studied.

It was seen that when the eight-week-long program had ended, the participants were walking with greater ease and felt lesser pain. 

Another study was carried out with 60 patients who had osteoarthritis of the knee. The conclusion was that three weeks of Thai massage could provide them with the same level of pain relief as having ibuprofen for three weeks. 

Provides Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion

If you are having trouble with your athletic performance or just having difficulty getting around due to your flexibility and range of motion, then Thai massage can help you with that. 

When researchers wanted to test the effects of Thai massage on athletic performance, they tested it out with 34 soccer players. The soccer players showed significant improvement in doing their sit and reached exercises after receiving Thai massage three times every day for ten days.

They further figured out that after their Thai massage treatment, the players were showing improvements in their agility and speed on the field.

Helps With Anxiety

The most appealing about massage therapy is its ability to provide you with a sense of relaxation and calm.

Even though Thai massage is a bit more energetic when compared to other forms of massage therapy, it still helps you lower your anxiety levels and increase the calming feeling within you.

Some studies show that people who have received Thai massage have lower levels of psychological stress. Even their brain scans show much lower anxiety levels and more relaxation than some other patients who had received physical therapy treatments due to similar conditions.

Helps With Reviving Energy

Thai massage includes a lot of whole-body movements, and a lot of these movements are similar to yoga. This method is why many people who receive Thai massage say that they leave feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated after their Thai massage sessions.

The researchers compared Thai and Swedish massage effects on some people who faced fatigue in a study. It showed that the participants who received Thai massage were more energized physically and mentally.

It is important to note that the size of the study was small, so these results need proper confirmation after more tests are carried out.

Techniques We Follow

With traditional Thai massage, to reduce the tension in your muscle, practitioners use their hands, forearms, elbows, thumbs, and even, in some cases, their feet.

The main idea Thai massage is based on is predictable pathways or lines known as “sense” throughout your body. These pathways allow for the energy to flow throughout your body. The main goal is to increase the energy flow through the sense of your body.

The main thing that distinguishes Thai massage from any other form of massage is the combination of pressure, stretching, and movement. 

How Often Do You Need a Thai Massage?

There is no absolute limit or number to getting your Thai massage if it is just meant for your relaxation. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit out of your massage session, then it is recommended that you at least get a massage two to three times a month. This way, your body gets the most benefits. 

Sessions We Offer

There are three main options that the customer can choose from for our Thai massage sessions. Depending on how much time you have on your hands, you can choose which one is the best fit for you.

  •  $80 for an hour-long session
  • $110 for a 90-minute session
  • $160 for a total 2 hours’ worth of Thai massage

Thai massage is a great way to relax your body and harmonize with the whole body. This full-body massage can reduce the tension in your muscles and improve blood circulation in your body. All of this is done while creating and relaxing the muscle tissues in your body.

If you want to experience the same relaxation and pain relief level, then there is no better option than Healthy Thai Massage and Spa.